3D Imaging

The Bellingham Breast Center is the first breast cancer treatment center in the state to use 3-D imaging during the surgical procedure to treat breast cancer. 3-D imaging, or tomosynthesis, has been in use for breast cancer screening by radiologists for 8 years and has helped improve breast cancer detection rates.

Now this technology is available to surgeons. 3-D tomosynthesis provides the surgeon with an improved view of the breast tumor at the time it is being removed. It enables the surgeon to better visualize the character and extent of the tumor and this can reduce post operative complications and reduce the likelihood that further surgery is required.

Dr Cary Kaufman successfully treated over 200 patients using this technology, and has authored scientific studies on its use in surgical practice.

“3-D Tomosynthesis is the future of breast imaging for surgeons and I am pleased to be utilizing it for my patients”.